Craziest Celebrity Shoe Collections


Shoes with no doubt are every women best friends… Below you can see some shoe collections of celebrities:


1.Mariah Carey




Mariah Carey, for example, often posts in her “Instagram” photo of her dressing room with three thousand pairs of shoes with different shapes and colors. She is famous and such exaggerations are part of her dive life.
Powerful women like her worship  the shoes, sandals, and ballet dancers…

2.Christina Aguilera



Pink, girly, and utterly over-the-top, Christina Aguilera’s shoe closet is bigger than some people’s homes. She chooses to create a wood paneled closet, mimicking a library, to store her prized shoe collection, read more.

3.Oprah Winfrey



Who needs shelves and shelves of books, when you can have shelves and shelves stacked with designer shoes, like Oprah Winfrey. She is a huge fan of colors,  the evidence is right there inside her shoe closet. Lately, Oprah Winfrey has released her list of favorite home, food and clothing items in advance of the holidays.

4. Jessica Alba


She is one of those stars that is follow from  almost everyone, especially when we talk about fashion. What color did she use, what dress, which pair of pants she combines with that red hat, etc. Especially she is very famous for her combination of shoes with hats, you can spot that from airplane …

Seems like shoes are not just Girls best friends, but also Men best friend:

1. Chris Brown


Chris Brown has one of the sickest sneaker closets we’ve ever seen from a celebrity that’s into collecting sneakers. Complex’s Joe La Puma hooked up with Chris for the latest episode of Sneaker Closets, read more .

2. DJ Khaled

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Shoe guys are celebrities who know there shoes, and Dj Khaled is one of those guys. With connections to the well known shoe god known as “The Sneaker Don”. Dj Khaled’s ties with him has expanded his collection of Jordans, nikes, and Ralph Lauren designer shoes,  read more .



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