20 Foods you never knew you could eat and still Lose weight


There are some foods that thanks to the ingredients, vitamins and the percentage of acidity they contain could speed up the weight loss process.

The world consumes billions of dollars in weight loss products. But there is also a better and cheaper way of losing unwanted weight. A new study shows that some food products found in right at the local grocery store can help us in this regard. It is about food that improves metabolism and is a help in removing excess pounds. So the next time you go shopping consider taking this new list of food items with you.

Attached find some:

1.Dark chocolate


If you add good bacteria through black chocolate you may lose a few kilograms of body weight. Scientists have come to the conclusion that different people react differently to carbohydrates, depending on the mixture of “germs” in their digestive tract. Thus, the cultivation of good germs, resulting from the consumption of black chocolate, can help more to lose weight than to eliminate bread from the diet.



Tropical fruits are not that strange if we use them appropriately. Every time we meet a great variety of tropical fruits, which help to lose weight, one of them is the papaya which is used very recently. Moreover, these fruits are especially recommended for those who have a diet to lose weight because they have very little calories.



Rosemary really is a plant that has a lot of use: it is used to help digestion, sore throats and colds. It also has beneficial effects on the skin: it is used a lot in the cosmetics industry, such as a detergent for fat or mixed skin. Lastly based on the effect it has on the digestion of different foods is also used in the loss of by weight.



With about 95% water content, cucumbers are a delicious, nutritious meal mixed with lemon juice with a pinch of red pepper and red pepper, you will have a light and healthy lunch.

5. Herbs


Herbs are one of the most effective treatments, which ensures a healthy weight loss diet and no weight loss. Their main feature is the significant reduction of cellulite and fat tissue in the abdomen. It is just the fat mass of the abdomen that is the main cause of many problems related to obesity, such as cardiovascular diseases, nerve and diabetes.

6. Orange


Orange juice is at the top of the list of liquids that are most consumed. The high levels of vitamin C found in this fruit act as antioxidants. Scientists say that antioxidants in oranges help in weight loss. A drink a day will make a positive impact on your metabolism and will stimulate fat loss.



For years it was thought that apple vinegar could help fight the excess kilograms, and this is finally scientifically proven. American scientists, whose research has been published in the Journal of Functional Foods, have shown that consumption of apple vinegar before meals can help regulate sugar levels




Apart from being rich in protein, sea food is an excellent source of healthy fats. Fish types like tuna, mackerel, salmon and sardines are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Also, many studies have shown that respondents who ate salmon at least three times a week had lost more weight than those who did not consume it at all.

9. Strawberries


Their season is almost over and the market is already full of such fruits, such as sweet cherry strawberries. But one of the many nutrition and weight loss studies showed that respondents had about 134 calories less when choosing strawberries instead of other fruits.



Hazelnut is one of those foods that you enjoy, but it does well. Hazelnut has unsaturated fats that reduce bad blood cholesterol by 27%. Their use is not limited to the kitchen, but goes beyond and as a result, the benefits are innumerable because where hazelnut has good health, and especially recommended during diets.



Often people undergo strict diet to lose weight, however, this goal can only be accomplished by consuming breakfast eggs because they keep you fed longer. For rapid weight loss and stomach fat burning that you’ve always wanted, it is enough to eat no other food but eggs only in the morning.

12. Pear


Sweet, delicious and rich in nutritional value. Consuming a pear per day can help with weight loss and reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. Pears are an excellent source of fiber, which help to improve the health and especially weight loss.



It stabilizes blood sugar levels and increases glucose metabolism. High blood sugar levels can lead to increased amount of fat and cinnamon helps to prevent this. Also, cinnamon improves the function of insulin. Thus, you may lose weight. Thanks to the cinnamon you get a sense of fullness and satiety.



There are few people who have heard about cholecystitis, but this is one of the best friends in the fight against the excess kilograms. This solvent hormone reduces appetite naturally. Scientists say the bishops have a huge amount of it.

15. Lemon


If you want excessive kilograms to melt and your body releases from accumulated toxins, the ideal solution is the lemon diet. Therefore, the lemon diet, known in the world as the “Master Cleanse Diet”, is a perfect way to regenerate the body. Lemon Diet is a simple, fast and affordable way to clean the body from toxins, thus restoring the enthusiasm needed in the body.

16. Ginger


Ginger water is a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants can help remove threats to cells in the human body. Ginger water has a powerful antioxidant effect and can repair the body from damage it may have. Ginger juice can also lower high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels cause weight gain, heart problems, and some cancers. Also, ginger water can regulate high blood pressure and low blood pressure.

17. Apple


Over the centuries, people have tried to lose weight using the most insane ways. But the apple is “present” in any diet. This is because apples are a very important element and present in many diets of weakness. They have the ability to facilitate digestion and contain many beneficial substances that prevent fat accumulation, stimulate the immune system, and keep your body away from cancer.

18. Soup


You may not believe that a simple soup can help you weaken, but this has already been proven to many people. The basic feature of this diet is that the more you eat, the more you lose weight. This diet is for quick results and is usually recommended for people with a high degree of obesity, which precedes a long-term dietary diet for weight loss

19. Kiwi


Kiwi has high vitamin C content and minerals. Kiwi is a slimming food because it keeps food on the go in the digestive system. Not only are the stones exquisite, but when they are eaten on an empty stomach they can do the miracle of weakness. Kiwi is very good for eating after dinner.

20. Grapefruit 


Grapefruit has little calories and many enzymes, are filled with healthy carbohydrates that will keep you fed up. This fruit contains a carotid that reduces insulin, which can lead to weight loss. Eat half a grapefruit every morning and see how you will feel.



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