Celebrity Home Gyms

Everyone always speculates as too the secret to celebrity looks but, just one quick look into these next home gyms and the mystery will be reviled. Exercise keeps us happy, healthy, and looking our best. It helps us bulk up or slim down, keep our skin looking young, and keep our bodies from aging prematurely. Most celebrities have vigorous workout plans designed by high end personal trainers to keep their bodies ripe for the public eye. These celebrities have gone above and beyond, and have created their own top of the line workout facilities.

 Mark Wahlberg

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Actor, producer, model, and former rapper Mark Wahlberg has a professional two-story gym in his home in Beverly Hills. It includes a professional boxing ring, where he trained for his role in The Fighter. It also has an outdoor sports court equipped for tennis, basketball, and racquetball. As well as, tons of workout equipment, and a top of the line sound system. After a workout he can lay back and relax around on of the pools. His pool overlooks the basketball court, and have waterfalls running into it.

Ryan Phillippe

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Ryan Phillippe of Cruel Intentions has a state-of-the-art gym with Asian-inspired details located just off of his master bedroom. It spans two stories, with a sleek design, concrete walls, and a wall mirror.

Kate Walsh

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Actress Kate Walsh of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Bad Judge has a home gym that is styled with brightly colored equipment. The floors are hardwood, with vaulted ceilings in what used to be the garage of her Los Angeleshome. She also has a pool and a Pilates studio complete with a treadmill and TV.


Hulk Hogan

Terry Bollea, also known as Hulk Hogan, keeps the gym in his Belleair mansion impeccably stocked. The gym contains the most up-to-date workout machines, with a spa next door to soothe muscles after a hard day’s workout.



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